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HT is a neutral service provider for freight forwarding companies. We offer innovative and tailor-made intermodal and multimodal transport solutions to freight forwarders. HT commits to provides quality services backed by modern technology and qualified work force. HT offers best value for money, transparent freight tariff policy and competitive prices



HT provides customer focused bespoke

airfreight services from worldwide origins to all

destinations. Our services include:


Airport-to-Airport and Door-to-Door air freight services between European – North America, Asia – Africa and the CIS.

Up-to-minute status report on transportation 

Pick-up and delivery services in Europe and the CIS

Import/Export handling and customs clearance services in the CIS

Warehousing, documentation and handling

Packing and crating

Import/export consolidation

Pick, Pack, assembly and distribution



HT provides FTL, LTL and Specialized Road Transport services between Central Asia and CIS on competitive prices. Our services include:


•Movement of general, hazardous, break-bulk and over dimensional cargoes between  Central Asia and the CIS.

•Tracing and tracking in the territory of Central Asia and the CIS

•Import/Export handing and customs clearance in Central Asia and the CIS

•JIT (Just in Time) Service

•Specialized transportation of heavy-lift, over-sized and sensitive cargoes

•Warehousing and domestic distribution services in the Turkmenistan


HT provides Containerized and Break-Bulk ocean freight services between Turkmenbashi port and Azerbaijan. Our services include:


•Conventional shipments (break-bulk, dry, liquid and bulk)

•Import/Export handling and customs clearance in the Turkmenistan

•Intermodal / multimodal (Sea/Rail – Sea/Road) combination of services to the CIS

•Issuance and verification of import/export documentation as per the CIS customs requirements

•Packing and crating of industrial goods

•Transport insurance

•Warehousing, assembly and distribution services in the Turkmenistan

•Specialized project cargo services.





Multimodal and intermodal transport is in high demand in the market, especially for medium and long distance transport. Multimodal transportation of goods involves the use of several types of transport, such as rail, sea and road. Various means of transport are used throughout the delivery process to create the most efficient and cost-effective route for a given set of dispatch and delivery points. Thanks to the optimal combination of modes of transport, delivery times are improved, costs are reduced, and the cargo remains safe. Cooperation with a multimodal transport operator, as a rule, is carried out, as a rule, on the basis of one contract in order to reduce the legal burden on the client. Khazar Tolkuny helps its Clients to enjoy all the advantages of multimodal cargo transportation in Europe and abroad. Our employees analyze the needs of Clients and the characteristics of the goods, optimize delivery routes and estimate the cost of multimodal delivery. Khazar Tolkuny carries out multimodal transportation of any cargo in compliance with the delivery conditions, regardless of geography. Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles and close cooperation with reliable partners, we can offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.


  • Local transportation of goods on the territory of Turkmenistan;

  • Handling at airport / RW station / Sea Port

  • Broker customs clearance

  • Husbandry services / meet and great service in ASB a/p, hotel booking, visa arrangement, etc.

  • Delivery of collected orders;

  • Freight Forwarding;

  • Customs import / export clearance;

  • Cross-docking;

  • Secure storage;

  • Unloading and loading of goods (pallet, boxed, wagon, container);

  • Processing of goods;

  • Packing/unpacking;

  • Preparation of the accompanying transport documents;

  • Compliance with safety and security of cargo;

  • Consideration of the goods, reporting on the movement of goods;

  • Construction of warehouses for the customer (Build to suite);

  • Pickup at the airport and delivery up to Hotel

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